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V-Steam also known as Yoni steam or Bajos, are a  natural way to look after your own reproductive health.  Many cultures across the world use it as a traditional way to use herbs to promote Yoni wellness.

Herbs have therapeutic properties that have been shown to benefit the reproductive system with different herbs having different benefits. Combining them the proper way can be a beneficial way to help improve your life. The steam from the blends contains oils that contain the medicinal properties of the herbs. Moist steam will open the pores and enter the bloodstream to improve the health of vaginal and uterine tissues.

Useful for many reasons including:

boosting fertility, toning reproductive tissue

Beneficial for women with:

endometriosis, PCOS, dark periods at the beginning,

painful periods, long periods {more than 7 days},

short periods {less than 4 days}, absent periods,  PMS, cramps, fibroids, scar tissue and easing episiotomy sites among other things.



Do NOT use

*If you are pregnant or think you might be

*When trying for pregnancy do not use after ovulation,

*When sores, open cuts, blisters etc are present.

*During your period.

Make sure to Remove piercings before steaming service as they may cause burns.